As its name suggests, Ironclad basketball goals are plenty tough. But these remarkably strong basketball goals can give you great flexibility, too, depending on the model you choose. Because you can adjust them up and down to the exact height needed for the players using them, the adjustable goals by Ironclad can grow with younger players and still suit seasoned hoopers. And the easy bolt-in installation of Ironclad adjustable basketball goals offered by means that you won't have to worry about hoop rigidity.

Couple these features with Ironclad's lifetime warranty and you can see that purchasing an Ironclad basketball system yields a lifetime of quality, flexibility and service to you. Whether you're looking for a premium adjustable basketball hoop for your driveway or one suitable for regulation fullcourt play, has one to suit your needs at a very nice price with free shipping in the contiguous U.S.

We offer many adjustable premium basketball goals by Ironclad. Although they may differ in specifications, they all share one overarching principle: high quality throughout.

All of these quality adjustable basketball goals come with free padding for the posts and rims to help ensure player safety. To provide lasting fun and uninterrupted use, each Ironclad adjustable basketball system also comes with a professional-quality breakaway net and rim. That means the net and rim will flex down when a players hangs from them, preventing them from breaking or becoming permanently angled down.

One other important feature that all Ironclad adjustable basketball systems include is a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty covers all damage from basketball use, including dunking and more.

In addition to free pads and lifetime warranties, these tough adjustable basketball goals also come with free lift gate delivery. When you order one of these Ironclad systems, it will be delivered by truck to your location and unloaded free from the truck via a lift gate, saving many aching backs.

These adjustable basketball goals by Ironclad also feature backboards made of tempered glass. These glass backboards are tough, and they offer true, lively bounces and rebounds, just like in the pros. The thickness of these backboards ranges from 1/4 inch for our most inexpensive model of Ironclad adjustable basketball systems to 1/2 inch for our top of the line models. We also offer Ironclad adjustable basketball systems with backboards in many dimensions, ranging from 36 inches by 54 inches - perfect for small driveways - to 42 inches by 72 inches - ideal for half-court or fullcourt regulation play.

Adjustability varies, depending on models. Our top-end Ironclad adjustable basketball goals can adjust from 10 feet down to 5 feet, while our less-expensive models can be adjusted from 10 feet down to 7.5 feet. In all cases, however, adjustment is easy and stress free and can be done by younger players as well as older ones. In addition, adjustment indicators on these systems show you exactly the adjustment level so you can pinpoint how high you want the goal to be.

Poles range from strong, 12-gauge, two piece 5"x5" poles for the more inexpensive Gamechanger models to 7-gauge 8" posts for top of the line Fullcourt models . Higher-end models have been finished with a zinc galvanized undercoat top coated with black powdercoat paint to provide a water barrier, while other models include black powder-coated finishes to resist the weather. All models come with hardware that resists corrosion.

No matter what kind of court you plan to play on, if you're looking for premium basketball goals that have the flexibility to serve players of all ages and the toughness to stand up to the hardest play and harshest weather, look no further than Ironclad adjustable basketball goals from If you have any questions about these finely made systems, just ask us. Call us toll free, email us or use our handy online question form for prompt, helpful answers from our expert staff.