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Spring Assisted Adjustment


The key to learning proper shooting technique for younger players is to make sure they practice using a rim height that is appropriate for their size and strength. Too many young players are forced to practice on a rim height that is too high for them to shoot at with proper form, which can cause young players to develop bad shooting form or cause them to get discouraged and give up.


  • Neutralizes the weight of the backboard and rim making crank adjustment effortless
  • Two springs inside steel cylinder compress as goal is lowered taking the load off the crank mechanism
  • Easy read rim height indicator built in
  • All weather, never fail design

The spring assist is a feature that makes our basketball goals extremely user friendly for all ages. Inside the black steel cylinder there is a combination of two coil springs. These springs are compressed as the backboard is lowered creating resistance. This resistance lowers the pressure on the crank handle making it possible for even a 5 year old to easily raise and lower the basket height. Keep in mind a regulation size glass backboard can weigh up to 250 lbs. And cranking that much weight without a spring assist can be difficult for adults and impossible for small children. Most competitors models sold do not have this feature.

The spring assist cylinder is also where the rim height sticker is applied which shows the rim height as the goal is cranked up and down. (shown to the right)

Above: Spring assist cylinder components

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