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54" Ironclad Triple Threat TPT553-MD Basketball System

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Special $129 Value - FREE Rust Protection

Backboard Size Pole Size Overhang Adjustment Range
36" x 54" 5" x 5" 3' 10' to 5'
Limited Lifetime Warranty FREE
Backboard and Pole Padding FREE
WeatherShield Undercoating Rust Protection FREE
Shipping (Continental U.S. + Liftgate Service) FREE
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The Ironclad Triple Threat TPT553-MD basketball system is the best combination of durability and affordability of any of the Ironclad adjustable goals. This unit fits any driveway or downsized backyard court perfectly. It's 54" wide backboard is wide enough to accommodate any angle bank shot. The heavy duty H-Frame backboard support eliminates risk of backboard breakage from hanging on the rim.

And don't forget, the backboard is made using 1/2" thick tempered glass, same thickness used in NCAA and NBA backboards for true bounce. The easy to reach crank handle is accessible to any age child or adult. The spring assisted crank design means the goal will be easy for even a 5 year old to quickly crank up or down. Backboard height can be lowered anywhere from regulation 10' down to 5', low enough for any child able to hold a basketball!

Backboard, pole and gusset pads are included free. And unlike competitors, Ironclad offers free anti-rust WeatherSheild protection pretreated on steel structure to prevent rust. As with all Ironclad products, you can rest easy knowing your purchase in covered by Ironclad's Lifetime Limited Warranty covering all components of the goal system. So if you are in the market for a unit that won't overwhelm your driveway, get the unit with the most bang for your buck, TPT553-MD.

Easy Adjustment: Adjustable from 10' down to 5' with easy to reach crank handle.
Spring Assist: A spring loaded compression cylinder is mounted to the back of the unit to make cranking the backboard upward as easy as it is to crank downward. Two compression springs are contained inside a steel cylinder which pull downward assisting the crank actuator during adjustment. The spring assist cylinder also increases the strength and longevity of the crank mechanism.
Thick Glass Backboard: 1/2" thick glass, 36" tall x 54" wide.
36" Offset from Backboard to Post: Helps avoid player contact with the post during layups and low post moves.
Heavy Duty Post: 5”x5” x 7 gauge square one piece pole is extra rigid even under slam dunk action. The 7 gauge post is 50% thicker than posts commonly found at the large sporting goods outlets.
Heavy Duty Flex Rim & Net: Gymnasium quality flex goal and net. Double spring return ensures weatherproof reliable rim return function with classic ram horn net attachment design which prevents premature net wear.
Bolt-down Installation: Installation is easy with bolt-down post design. Allows easy pole leveling and relocation if you move. Eight welded support gussets provide superior post to baseplate stability.
WeatherShield anti-rust undercoat: All steel components are dipped in a zinc bath galvanizing the parts against rust prior to powder coat paint.
Powder Coat Protection: Each unit has black powder coat paint for a superior weather resistance.
Stainless Steel Assembly Bolts: All assembly bolts are made from stainless steel to prevent rusting bolts common with competitors models commonly found at large sporting goods chain stores.

Limited Lifetime Warranty from the Manufacturer

Including Dunking

As our name suggests, Ironclad basketball goals are tough as nails. These units are designed to last through several generations and Ironclad backs that promise with an unmatched Lifetime Warranty which covers damage or failure due to any type of basketball related activity. This includes dunking and hanging on the rim! Don't get stuck paying for "premium" basketball systems that don't offer such a comprehensive warranty.

More About Ironclad's Unbeatable Warranty

Free Shipping

And Free Liftgate Delivery Service

No need to haul bulky, heavy packages home from the store. We make delivery easy and it's FREE! When you order an Ironclad basketball system, it will be shipped quickly, typically within 24 hrs. Additionally, it will be delivered by truck to your location and unloaded from the truck to ground level via an automatic hydraulic lift gate.

You will typically receive your goal within 5-7 days. A tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has shipped from our facility.

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Ironclad Goal Features

Ironclad's founders are responsible for the invention of some of the most recognized and influential aspects of the adjustable basketball goal: Most notably, the spring assist used to make basketball goals crank upward as easily as downward. This invention has been imitated by many companies over the years, but never truly duplicated.

  • Crank Adjustable

    Easy Crank Adjustment

    • Easy reach handle adjusts rim height anywhere from 10’ down to 5’ (7.5' on GC models)– great for any age
    • Turn crank clockwise to raise, counterclockwise to lower
    • Easy read rim height indicator, simply stop cranking when you reach correct rim height
    • Removable handle prevents unwanted adjustment

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  • H-Frame Tempered Glass Backboard

    Tempered Glass Backboard (H-Frame Design)

    • 1/2” thick tempered glass, same thickness as competition glass backboards (except GC55-MD & GC55-LG units)
    • 2.5” thick aluminum frame, same as competition glass backboards
    • Superior H-Frame style backboard support, supports more weight than any other backboard design

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  • Heavy Duty Breakaway Rim

    Heavy Duty Breakaway Rim

    • Heavy 7 gauge steel construction
    • Double return spring design
    • Safe and secure continuous wire net attachment
    • Built in finger guard for safety

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  • Thicker Steel Construction

    Thicker Steel Construction

    • Pole structure uses 7 gauge construction throughout
    • All assembly bolts ride on steel pivot bushings for zero wear over time
    • Extra large pole sizes and thickness out performs competitors
    • Thickest lower and upper arms in the industry

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  • Bolt Down Post Design

    Anchor System

    • Allows you to take the basketball goal with you if you sell your home
    • Allows perfect post installation with leveling nuts on anchor bolts
    • Template prevents improper location of anchor bolts

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  • WeatherShield Undercoating

    WeatherShield Protection

    • All steel components have zinc galvanized undercoat to prevent rust
    • Parts are dipped in zinc prior to paint to ensure 100% part coverage
    • Provides great protection against rust especially in coastal areas
    • WeatherSheild is included free of charge unlike competitors who charge for this option

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  • Powder Coat Finish

    Powder Coat Finish

    • Chip and scratch resistant powder coat is the best in the industry
    • UV stable for fade resistance
    • Electrostatically applied coating
    • Baked on to steel at 400 degrees

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  • Pole Padding

    Pole Padding

    • Constructed of 2” thick high impact protective padding
    • Thick 18 oz. vinyl cover
    • Velcro attachment on back
    • Protects players from contact with post
    • All weather construction

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  • Backboard Padding

    Backboard Padding

    • Constructed of 1” thick high impact polyurethane foam
    • Steel track molding inside foam for strong, secure attachment
    • Protects players from contact with bottom and sides of backboard
    • All weather design

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  • Stainless Steel Assembly Hardware

    Stainless Steel Assembly Hardware

    • All assembly bolts are stainless steel to prevent corrosion
    • Superior to store brands that use bolts susceptible to rust
    • Keeps your basketball unit strong and safe for life

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Ironclad TPT553-MD Reviews

Best basketball hoop available
May 16 2018

Best basketball hoop available. I did about six hours of research and found this brand to be the best. It actually goes down to 5 feet which many others don’t, and my kids and their friends love to dunk and hang on it. I have played basketball all my life and this feels like an indoor quality basketball hoop. I even dunk and hang on it with no issues. Much better quality than Pro Dunk when you look at the little details. Atomic Sports was great in answering all my questions and delivering a quality product as promised. I have had multiple neighbors and friend come over just to look at it and compliment. Great product, won’t regret it.

sturdy as a rock
August 12 2017
J.Z. - Castalia, Ohio

Surprised it was so easy to put up, stainless hardware included separated this goal from the rest. Easy to install, stainless hardware great inclusion and its sturdy as a rock!

even my 4 year old can join in on the fun
April 30 2018
J.G. - Kennewick, Washington

We are loving our new Triple Threat basketball goal. The shipping was fast and everything arrived in perfect condition. The goal seems solid and very well made. I love that the hoop lowers to 5’, so that even my 4 year old can join in on the fun. When comparing to other similar systems, the Ironclad goals seemed to offer a better make for a much better price than the competition.

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