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WeatherShield Undercoating


A high end basketball system is a serious investment and we know you want it to last. That is why every Triple Threat, Fullcourt and Highlight Hoops basketball system is treated with WeatherShield.


  • All steel components have zinc galvanized undercoat to prevent rust
  • Parts are dipped in zinc prior to paint to ensure 100% part coverage
  • Provides great protection against rust especially in coastal areas
  • WeatherSheild is included free of charge unlike competitors who charge for this option

What is WeatherShield?

WeatherShield is a rust proofing treatment that each steel component receives before it is painted. WeatherShield is a zinc galvanizing process that protects steel from rust. This process involves dipping each steel component is a molten bath of zinc, which causes a thin layer of zinc to impregnate the steel creating a rust proof barrier preventing moisture from reaching the raw steel below. The picture shows several bundles of zinc galvanized basketball posts prior to painting. The silver zinc coating shown is what lies beneath the black powder coat finish that eventually covers the steel.

WeatherShield Durability

WeatherShield is excellent for any environment, but especially in moist, humid environments. If you live in a part of the country that receives exceptional rainfall or humidity throughout the year, you will be extra glad you have this feature. Don't be tricked into paying extra. Unlike competitors that try to charge an extra $120-$150 for this type of protection, Ironclad includes WeatherShield absolutely FREE!

Included on models: Triple Threat, Fullcourt, and Highlight Hoops

Above: Bundles of zinc galvanized basketball posts prior to painting.

Watch WeatherShield in Action

"Rain test" with salt water to test the rust resistance of the coating.

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