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Powdercoat Protection


Each steel component is protected with a semi-gloss black powder coat finish. Powder coat is superior to wet painted products due to it's toughness and powder coat is highly resistant to scratching and chipping. This durability factor has made it the method of choice for long lasting aesthetics and corrosion resistance. Better scratch/chip resistance means less chance the steel below will be exposed to the elements decreasing the likelihood of rust.


  • Chip and scratch resistant powder coat is the best in the industry
  • UV stable for fade resistance
  • Electrostatically applied coating
  • Baked on to steel at 400 degrees

The Powder Coat Process

The powder coat process requires several steps. Each steel component is hung on a conveyer line that slowly moves the part through the process. The components are moved down the automated line where they are cleaned then sprayed with a positively charged powder. The positive charge causes the powder to attract to the steel. After coating, the parts move on to the oven stage where the powder is "baked" on to the steel. The powder melts into a thick film that uniformly coats the steel and is cooled as it moves out of the oven. This forms a thicker more durable coating than standard liquid type coatings.

Further Protection with WeatherShield

To further protect against rust our Triple Threat, Fullcourt and Highlight Hoops units include a zinc galvanizing undercoat we call WeatherShield. WeatherShield makes our basketball systems virtually rust proof so you can rest assured your basketball system will maintain its fresh new look for as long as you own it.

Above: Powder coating on model TPT553-LG.

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