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Easy Crank Adjustment


The key to learning proper shooting technique for younger players is to make sure they practice using a rim height that is appropriate for their size and strength. Too many young players are forced to practice on a rim height that is too high for them to shoot at with proper form, which can cause young players to develop bad shooting form or cause them to get discouraged and give up.


  • Easy reach handle adjusts rim height anywhere from 10’ down to 5’ (7.5' on GC models)– great for any age
  • Turn crank clockwise to raise, counterclockwise to lower
  • Easy read rim height indicator, simply stop cranking when you reach correct rim height
  • Removable handle prevents unwanted adjustment

Easy Crank Adjustment

Our adjustable basketball goals allow anyone to quickly and easily change the height of the backboard and rim. Triple Threat and Fullcourt systems feature an easy to reach crank handle that is located just 3 1/2' off the ground. Turn the crank handle to infinitely adjust the rim down from regulation 10' to as low as 5'. Gamechanger models adjust down to 7.5'. And remember, Triple Threat and Fullcourt systems feature our spring assisted crank design making these goals so easy to adjust even a 5 year old can effortlessly crank the unit up and down.

Pin to Prevent Unwanted Adjustment

For those cases where you want to regulate how and when the goal gets adjusted, the crank handle is removable via a cotterless pin. The cotterless pin is connected to the handle to prevent loss. Just pull the pin to remove the crank handle, preventing unwanted adjustment.

Above: Large, easy access crank handle allows quick and simple adjustment.

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