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Thicker Steel Construction


From the bottom up, Ironclad basketball systems are constructed of thicker steel than comparable in store models.

Thicker Steel - 3X Better Rigidity

While typical systems sold in “big box” sporting goods stores are manufactured from thin 14-16 gauge steel (roughly 1/16” thick), Ironclad units are constructed of thicker 7 gauge steel throughout (roughly 3/16” thick). 1/16” thick steel is not stable and can easily rust through in just a few years. Ironclad’s 7 gauge thick construction is three times thicker than many comparable in store models. That means 3x better rigidity which ensures safer, shake free performance than the competition.


Our thicker construction contributes to better performance as well. Heavier construction means more rigidity when the ball bounces against the backboard or when you dunk on the system. This gives you gymnasium quality performance you just can’t get elsewhere. With Ironclad basketball systems you can rest assured your basketball system will provide the same authentic play just like competition backboards and rims. That way practice time at home is the same as practice time in the gym.

Note: Excludes our entry-level Gamechanger models, which feature 12 gauge one-piece pole.

Above: Thicker is better - our heavy wall 7 gauge construction is far superior to common 11 gauge and 14 gauge construction found in big box store brands.

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