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Backboard Padding


By rule, backboard padding is required for all high school, college and professional competition. You should have it on your home backboard too!


The backboard pad included our units is designed to be all-weather. It is made from UV resistant self-skinning foam that sheds water when it rains. The pad has a hidden steel track imbedded inside the foam which allows the backboard pad to be bolted to the aluminum frame that surrounds the glass backboard. This is far superior in strength and durability compared to glue on type backboard pads and much more protective than many competitors’ hard plastics bumpers.


Think you don't need backboard pads because no one in your family can jump that high? Don't forget these basketball systems are adjustable down to 5'. That puts the bottom of the backboard at 4.5'. A quality backboard padding will protect players who lower the goal for dunk ball as well as unsuspecting spectators who may not be looking where they are walking.

No Assembly Required

For ease of installation, the backboard padding comes already attached to your backboard straight out of the box. The pad is secured to the bottom and part way up the sides of the backboard using self-tapping screws at the factory for a strong and secure attachment. No drilling or installation required during setup.

Backboard padding is included with every basketball system we sell with the exception of the Gamechanger GC55-MD.

Above: Pre-installed backboard padding on Fullcourt model.

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