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Bolt Down Anchor Design


The bolt down post design makes installing the basketball system easier and allows the goal to be installed without cementing the post into concrete.


  • Allows you to take the basketball goal with you if you sell your home
  • Allows perfect post installation with leveling nuts on anchor bolts
  • Template prevents improper location of anchor bolts

Installation Process

The post is bolted to a series of anchor bolts that are imbedded in the concrete when the footing for the basketball system is poured. When the concrete has dried, a series of either four or six threaded studs extending up from the concrete surface are used to connect the post to the concrete footing. A leveling nut located on each anchor bolt underneath the post, allows for quick and easy post leveling ensuring a perfectly straight basketball installation every time.


Additionally, this feature allows you to remove the basketball goal and take it with you if you sell your home. A new anchor kit may be purchased from us to allow the goal to be installed at a new location when needed.


Triple Threat, Fullcourt and Highlight Hoops systems utilize a multi-gusset configuration of eight or more gussets around the post which provides front to back and side to side stability. In store models commonly use four or less gussets to support the anchor and pole. Additionally, our TPT885-XXL, FCH885-XXL and HIL885-XXL units use six anchor bolts for an extra strong footing installation.

Above: 4-bolt anchor

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