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Getting the Most out of Your Driveway Basketball Court

Having a basketball court in your driveway can save on gym memberships, eliminate the hassle of dealing with big crowds at the courts in the public parks, and offer the convenience of instant access any time you or your kids want to play a game or just shoot around. But while the concept of a basketball court right in your driveway is appealing, you can make it even better if you know the secrets to getting the most out of your own home court.

First of all, if you don't have a court in your driveway yet and are just in the planning stages, make sure you have the right hoop and backboard. Not all driveways are created equal, and that means different driveway layouts will offer different sizes of playing area. A wide backboard is best if you have a fairly ample area in which to play. But if your driveway and playing area is relatively narrow, you'd be just as well off choosing a more narrow backboard. Your playing area might only be 15 feet wide, or even less. In that case, a 54-inch backboard will most likely suffice. If, on the other hand, you have more than 25 feet of available space in your driveway to devote to basketball, you could go with a backboard as large as 72 inches.

You should have an overhang area of at least 2 feet over your driveway to avoid the ball landing in the grass too often. If your driveway is large enough to accommodate it, go for a basketball goal with an overhang or 4 or even 5 feet.

You should try to avoid placing the hoop near an incline so that nobody is playing basketball uphill or downhill. And remember, if you place your hoop where players will be facing the west, it means they're likely to be shooting with the sun in their eyes in the late afternoon or early evening.

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