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Basketball Hoops Kids Can Grow up With

If you are shopping for a long-lasting basketball hoop and you have younger kids, you might want to consider a backboard system that will grow with them. Face it, kids grow up faster than you realize. Get them started young learning proper shooting technique with an adjustable goal designed to "grow" with your kids.

Height-adjustable systems

A height adjustable basketball system solves that problem by "growing" as your kids grow up. One suggestion is a basketball goal that adjusts easily down 5 or 6 feet. These low initial heights enable young hoopsters to work on fundamentals right away on a backboard that is proportionally sized, which precludes youngsters from having to heave or throw the ball underhanded just to have any chance of having their "shot" reach the rim. Look for a backboard that includes a mechanism to assist in lifting via springs to ease the amount of effort required to raise the backboard. It is even better to find a system with the adjustment handle mounted at a height that is reachable for your children so they can adjust the height themselves.

Basketball systems for older kids

If your kids are a little older and have already established themselves as competitive players, a durable basketball system that stresses performance is a definite must. A heavy duty basketball goal that weighs a minimum of 400 pounds with a warranty included that covers dunking and hanging on the rim is suggested. Look for a backboard made of tempered glass for the ultimate residential basketball system. Padding is also a must. Post padding and backboard padding protect young players against accidental falls while older players are protected from contact with the unit due to aggressive play.

If you have older kids who love the game and are shooting for a spot on a high school or college roster, a long-lasting backboard with corrosion protection, a lifetime warranty and a backboard made of tempered glass rather than acrylic are suggested. Visit for a full selection of basketball hoops for kids of all ages and ability levels.

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