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Pacific Coast Hoop Installs

Phone: 619-840-5775
San Diego, CA

Service Area: All of San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County.

Services: Basketball goal installation, basketball goal removal, basketball goal disposal, concrete/asphalt cutting, portable basketball hoop installation, consultations, concrete pads, striping and court painting, netting and all your basketball needs.

Bio: San Diego Installations has over 15 years of basketball hoop installation experience with over 1000+ installs across the nation. We have contracted with all the largest retail sporting goods stores and all the install companies throughout the US. With all the nation wide experience, we can guarantee a quality installation.


Our Work

Shop Ironclad Adjustable Goals

54" Backboard

Ideal for: Single car driveways or tight spaces.

60" Backboard

Ideal for: 1-2 car driveways or medium-sized courts.

72" Backboard

Ideal for: 3+ car driveways and dedicated half/full courts.

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