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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a wall behind where I want to put the basketball goal, how much space should I allow behind the unit?
    For ease of cranking and to avoid scraping knuckles, we recommend allowing 18" of distance from the back side of the post to any wall or obstruction behind the goal.
  • Can I relocate the unit if I move from my home?
    Yes, each unit is equipped with a bolt-down anchor base, which allows the unit to be disconnected from the concrete footing and moved to a new location. A new set of anchor bolts may be purchased to re-install the unit.
  • How large of an area do I need for my basketball goal?
    This largely depends on the size of the backboard you choose. A one or two car driveway is best suited for a 54" or 60" wide backboards. Three car driveways and dedicated backyard courts work best with either 60" or 72" wide backboards.
  • How big is a regulation sized backboard?
    All competition games including high school, college, university and professional basketball are played on the same sized backboard, 42" tall x 72" wide. Though not required by rule, 1/2" tempered glass is the accepted standard for official competition games.
  • Does the unit include a breakaway rim?
    Yes, each unit includes a breakaway rim and net. The rim will flex down when a player hangs on it and snap back to its original position when the player lets go.
  • Is padding included?
    Yes, post padding and backboard padding are included in the price of the goal. The only exception to this is the Gamechanger MD (GC55-MD), which does not include padding.
  • What is tempered glass?
    Tempered glass is what all competition basketball backboards are made of. It is the same material your car windshield is made of. Tempered glass is very rigid and as a result possess very lively ball bounce characteristics.
  • What is WeatherSheild undercoating?
    Each Triple Threat, FullCourt and Highlight Hoops unit is first dipped in a bath of molten zinc that impregnates the steel giving it a silver color and makes is virtually rust proof. Then, the units are coated with black powder coat for long lasting aesthetic appeal.
  • Do I need to be present when my goal is delivered?
    Yes. The freight company that delivers your order will require a signature at delivery. Your signature indicates that you received all packages in good condition. Please check each package thoroughly before signing for the shipment. We suggest that you open the backboard box to make sure the backboard has not been broken in shipping. If any parts are damaged, refuse only the damaged parts and notate the damage on the delivery receipt before signing.
  • Can I buy direct from the factory?
    When you purchase a basketball system through any authorized Ironclad sales representative such as Atomic Sports, you gain all the sales, service and pricing advantages that come with purchasing factory direct. After your order is placed, your basketball system will be shipped direct from the factory bypassing the expense associated with traditional brick and mortar stores.

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